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Bone Grafting | Tijuana


Bone grafting

These procedures are usually necessary if there is not enough bone available to place dental implants or if any vital anatomy is in the way.

Today, Bone Grafting procedures have become almost an integral part of Implant Reconstruction. In many instances, a potential implant site in the upper or lower jaw does not offer enough bone volume or quantity to accommodate an Implant of proper size or in the proper place. This is usually a result of bone resorption that has taken place since one or more teeth (if not all) were lost.

Bone Grafting procedures usually try to re-establish bone dimension with a wide variety of surgical methods augmenting or stimulating the formation of new bone where it is needed.

There are four broad clinical situations in which bone grafting is performed:

•  To stimulate healing of fractures; either fresh fractures or fractures that have failed to heal after an initial treatment attempt.

•  To stimulate healing between two bones across a diseased joint. This situation is called “arthrodesis” or “fusion”.

•  To regenerate bone which is lost or missing as a result of trauma, infection, or disease. Settings requiring reconstruction or repair of missing bone can vary from filling small cavities to replacing large segments of bone 12 or more inches in length.

•  To improve the bone healing response and regeneration of bone tissue around surgically implanted devices, such as artificial joints replacements (e.g. total hip replacement or total knee replacement) or plates and screws used to hold bone alignment.

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