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Wisdom Teeth - Tijuana


THIRD MOLARS, commonly known as wisdom teeth.

During hundreds of years the human beings have evolutioned at the same as its alimentary customs, the food had harder consistency than the present, and the facial structure by consequence the structure of the jawbones was stronger and of greater size. Of that way has been verified that they included a molar more (fourth molar) of what now is known like third molar (wisdom tooth)

Due to the evolution, and to the processed food, smaller effort is required to carry out the chewing, motive by which very often the third molars remain impacted or are found in horizontal position and some times are no longer formed.

The average age and growth of the wisdom teeth is around 15 years, for which is recommended to value through x-rays the position and to detect possible future complications, being teenagers the most adequate age for these studies and in case of verifying the need to extract them. Procedure should not exceed of 10 minutes carrying out absolutely without pain.

The most frequent complications by third molars in bad position are:
A) Destruction by reabsorption of the Molar that continues him toward the front
B) Formation of cysts and tumors which can cause destruction of the bone of the jaw or maxillary.
C) (halytosis), bad smell and flavor of mouth
D) Non desired dental Movements.
E) Inflammation of the gum, pain and bleeding
F) Infection of the area with or without presence of pus.

About your wisdom teeth

Crowding Impacted and Infected Tooth Erupted Lower Molar
Cyst Formation Damaged 2nd Molar After Wisdom Teeth Removal

People that perform sports of high impact such as box, karate, football, etc., it is recommended to extract the wisdom teeth even though they don’t have any complication, since it enlarges the possibility of fracture of the angle of the jaw, in case to receive a blow in the facial area.

The processing of orthodontics (dental braces), often requires the extraction of molars to avoid the pressure exercised toward the front because it can cause unwanted movements and/or failures of the process of orthodontics, not a special time exists since they can be taken out when startng the treatment, during, or at the end, depending on the indications of the orthodontics specialist.

Complications the most aggressive and dangerous one is the infection of the area, since it can cause besides pain and impossibility to chew, destruction of the bone and invasion towards face and neck, and if it is not controlled in a short time it can shorten the capacity to breathe of the patient, and in serious cases the life of the patient.

If you detect inflammation, pain, or impossibility to open the mouth, seek aid for an evaluation to time the possibility to present infections and neck and face.

Patients over 40 years have to be evaluated different since it does not exist any symptom of pain-inflammation or reabsorption of the molar. Sometimes we can leave it in position and just make routine check ups every year.

The surgical procedure to remove a third molar (wisdom tooth), is a lot more simple than regularly is believed, at present we include anesthetics and surgical team that permits us to carry out in a not greater time of 10-15 minutes by molar depending the case, and to finalize it is sutured with absorbable material that disappears in the mouth in a week, in that way we avoid the retreat of sutures, which it is very comfortable for patients that come from far away and that is impossible for them to remove them.

At Hospital Angeles in Tijuana, we have the right installations to carry out all kinds of surgeries from regional anesthesia (patient awake), or IV sedation (patient asleep), and a highly qualified team to achieve total satisfaction in all the procedures carried out.

After the molar removal the patient can experience inflammation and inconveniences which are controlled totally with medicines that are prescribed in some cases before the procedure, such as antibiotics, analgesics and a special mouth rinse.

Each patient requires an evaluation and a medical history, to determine the best processing, and thus to diminish extensively the possibility of complications. It is important to mention that the oral and maxillofacial surgeon is qualified to remove simple and complicated teeth, and to offer our patients maximum benefit.


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